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Toronto Islands

Some general information on the Islands

Map Of The Toronto Islands / Toronto Island Ferry Info

 The Toronto Islands were not always Islands but were a series of sandbars originating from the Scarborough bluffs.

Hanlans Point

So named for the first family to live year-round on the Island. The island was transferred from the federal government to the City of Toronto in 1867. The city of Toronto divided the island up for cottage, resort and amusement use. The island was once home to an amusement park and a baseball stadium that seated 10,000 (which burned down a year after being built). In 1937 the amusement park was demolished to make room for the Toronto Island Airport. The Gibralter Point Lighthouse which was 52 feet high when built in 1808 was raised to 82 feet high in 1832. Before the rebuilt in 1832 the lighthouse was fitted with a whale-oil-lantern. In 1815 the lighthouses first keeper disappeared. A skeleton was found a short time later and since then the lighthouse has been though to be haunted.

Centre Island

Once filled with the summer homes of some of Toronto's wealthiest families. Now home to the Centreville Amusement park and the Toronto Island Marina. Those wishing to get married on the island might consider the St. Andrew-by-the-Lake Anglican church. Built in 1884 the church still celebrates Holy Eucharist every Sunday at 10:00am. The Island offers some of the best Toronto Skyline viewing.

Wards Island

So named after the first family to live on the Island in 1830. Home to the wards hotel from 1882 to 1966 when it was demolished due to deterioration. Now home to a ferry dock, baseball field, soccer field and a beach.

The Toronto Islands also have a few smaller Islands. The Algonquin Island, The Snake Island and The Olympic Island.

Toronto Island Cruises

A great way to see the Islands is from the water, come take a Toronto Island Cruise with us! The Jubilee Queen Cruise Ship is one of the largest ships in the harbour  that can travel down long pond and around forestry island giving you the ultimate view of the Toronto Islands.

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